Yttrium trinitrate

233-802-61-10 tpy (full 10-100 tpy ongoing)registered2018

• Dossier upgrade
This substance was submitted in 2013 as intermediate under strictly controlled conditions, with Solvay as Lead Registrant.
The dossier has been upgraded to a full registration dossier for the tonnage band 1-10 tpy, and will in the future cover the tonnage band 10-100 tpy. The Lead Registrant role is taken over by Treibacher Industrie AG.

• Classification
Acute Tox. 4 – H302
Eye Damage 1 – H318
Aquatic Acute 1 – H400
Aquatic Chronic 1 – H410

Uses covered in the registration dossier – will be added soon
The Lead Dossier contains information about the most frequent uses of the substance. If your particular use is not covered by the lead dossier (or you want to keep it confidential), you may add it yourself in the related section of your own co-registration file (IUCLID).

Letter of Access
The details of the costs and the procedure to buy a Letter of Access are described in the document