Thank you for your interest in joining the Rare Earth Consortium for the registration of substances under

REACH. In the Rare Earth Consortium ARCADIS Belgium takes care of the general and financial
management, acts as Secretariat and Trustee, and provides support in SIEF communication.
Before joining the consortium it is recommended to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (i.e. confidentiality
agreement) with ARCADIS Belgium.

To become a member, please provide following information:
• a confirmation that your company is a manufacturer or importer of Rare Earth compound(s) in or
into the EU
• a list of Rare Earth compound(s) your company is interested in including registration deadline
and tonnage bands.
Note that ARCADIS is also playing the role of trustee for the Consortium. If you wish, we can provide
you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement first.

Please contact us at