MISA, Cerium Dioxide and Lanthanum Oxide

The Rare Earth Consortium joined in July 2019 the Metals & Inorganics Sectorial Approach (MISA), a voluntary programme for updating REACH registration dossiers. This programme was installed by Eurometaux in cooperation with ECHA, and aims to improve the registration dossiers focusing on methodological gaps.

For improving dossiers, several priorities are set. For each priority, a workshop is organised with ECHA, and based on the outcome of the workshop,  the  Lead registrants and/or consortia participating in the MISA initiative need to draft a working plan to update their dossiers on the respective topics.

The highest priorities are:
• Assess/improve dossiers on effects endpoints (Human Health and Environment separately)
• Exposure assessment and risk characterisation
• UVCBs (no relevant for cerium oxide and lanthanum oxide)
• REACH risk management anticipation/environmental classification
• REACH risk management anticipation/minor constituents and impurities
• Supply chain, uses and exposure knowledge

The Members of the Rare Earth Consortium enrolled in this program for Cerium oxide and Lanthanum oxide covered by the Rare Earth Consortium.

As a first step, an extended literature search is ongoing in order to strengthen the current registration dossiers for these compounds.
The registration dossiers submitted for the first time in 2010 will be updated in the first place.

In terms of LoA costs, the review and improvement of registration dossiers will increase the total costs of the LoAs (in full consideration of the tonnage bands). Should the Members of the Rare Earth consortium decide to invoice additional amounts for financing the dossier updates, companies having purchased a LoA will be informed individually.

Should you have any question on the MISA program itself or the status of the ongoing work, please don't hesitate to contact us.