December 2017 - Rare Earth Consortium and nano

The members of the REC consortium are aware of the placing on the market of some rare earth substances covered by the consortium as nanomaterial (NM) and have already started to work on them. However, the work is hampered by the current review of the definition of NM and the on-going consultation on certain important pieces of guidance regarding the registration of NM. Consequently, by May 2018, no registration dossiers falling under the scope of the REC Consortium and submitted by the members of the consortium will be fit as NM. Work on the nano part of the registration dossiers will go on after May 2018 as soon as more clarity is obtained (on the definition and on the registration guidance). Based on the above, a list of dossiers subject to a nano-update will be derived and communicated.
For the NM falling under this list, the REC consortium will perform the update of the registration dossiers and will inform the SIEF-members in due time.
The consortium will also reflect on ways to ensure a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory cost-sharing among the non-nano and nano-forms of the same substance.